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SaKyra A. Young was  brutally murdered by her boyfriend.
This page is to break the silence against domestic violence and bring awareness.  

SaKyra Antwanette Young was born in Waco, Texas on March 20, 1999 to the parents of LaToya Wells and Corie Young Sr.

She attended and graduated from Waco High School in 2017.  During her tenure at Waco High she was an athletic trainer, cheerleader and played volleyball.  She earned credits and became a member of The National Honors Society.  After graduating, she started to further her education at McLennan Community College in the field of Athletic Studies hoping to gain knowledge and earn a degree to become an athletic trainer.  She loved shopping, cheerleading and choreography.  Her favorite foods were tacos, homemade beans with cornbread and ramen noodles.  She always looked forward to her favorite holiday – “Thanksgiving”.    

These scars do not fade.  They do not heal with time, but I look for the clearing in the dark sky.  When the smoke clears and these tears finally dry, I will see what love looks like for the first time.

-Christy Ann Martine.

Love, Takiera, Key’Era, Corie Jr. and De’Andre.

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